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Wellbeing goes beyond health and healthcare. It encompasses many things, from  ensuring possibilities for continued social interaction as we age, to reducing loneliness and isolation, providing opportunities for exercise as mobility reduces, having the information we need when we need it, and leading an independent healthy lifestyle. The market opportunity touches each of these points.

We are already seeing some changes in terms of creating healthcare options for individuals: the 'Personalisation Agenda' and the 'Retail Model', give people their own budgets to manage, and promote the sale of community equipment on the High Street.

Whilst an increase in the number of people with long term conditions is something of an inevitability due to the ageing demographic, the 'Boomers' will look to prolong  their period of healthy active ageing and to maximise independence. New ways of prolonging activity, new ways of managing healthcare in the home, and new ways of socialising will be required.

Technology is already being tried and tested in some of these areas, but much remains to be done in adapting technologies to the needs of older people.