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During his series of keynote presentations during the first phase of ActiveAge, Professor Joseph Coughlin of MIT Age Lab repeated his belief that mobility is the key to independent living. The Age Concern study, The Ageing World-Issues for Older People, which was launched as part of the first phase of ActiveAge underscores the importance of independence to the elderly.

"Transportation is the glue" says Professor Coughlin. The ability to choose when and how to move adds choice to the much sought after independence. People who have independence and choice offer a powerful market opportunity, and being able to understand how they will exercise their choice, opens the door to both production and delivery opportunities.

With respect to transportation an opportunity therefore exists to explore how the market might exercise its choice; how transport providers might shape and channel their offerings and where technology can interface in terms of bringing user and provider closer together.

Many local authorities in the UK and further afield have identified transportation as something that requires focus in order to establish more age friendly environments but much more work is required to see real, lasting effects.  Transport is key to older people and should be key to those providing it.