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Much emphasis is placed on the 'independent' nature of the 'Boomer' generation. Yet they are and will continue to be part of community life. Choices as to where and in what environments people choose to live, work and play, will be important. ActiveAge believe that cities and regions could create a competitive advantage for themselves by building more age friendly environments for their residents.

ActiveAge has been looking at 'community' from a number of angles but is particularly interested in how communities need to adapt to meet the needs of an increasing ageing population. Our examination of 'community' therefore includes not just the physical community, but the virtual community in which we find ourselves increasingly involved, with social networking sites and other common interest groups.

We believe the design and application of technology infrastructure across community environments - in the home, in social facilities and in the workplace, will impact on the ability to promote economic activity, ensure social inclusion, and encourage active independence. Much of our research on this theme looks at the role of technology within the different communities to which we belong and how this is connecting individuals from a multitude of places for a variety of reasons.