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Welcome to ActiveAge

Welcome to BusinessLab's ActiveAge Project. Here you will find information on an exciting collaborative research programme that is exploring the impact of the ageing demographic on our society. The programme is structured around four key themes - Community, Work, Mobility and Wellbeing. Each theme examines the key major trends and highlights ways in which Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is being developed and deployed to enhance the quality of life for an older population.

The programme is driven by a dynamic and expanding consortium of international corporations, government agencies and academic institutes. All of these ActiveAge partners have a shared interest in developing radical new services, solutions and products that bring both social and economic benefit within a dramatically expanding market. We call it 'The Competitive Advantage of Ageing'' and it's what drives the ActiveAge collaboration.

Whether you are a business, a government agency or an academic institute with  a close interest in ageing markets, then ActiveAge is the ideal forum to join. Here, you work and collaborate in a rich mix of international visionary thinkers and expert practitioners. You have exclusive access to the ActiveAge knowledge base. You can call on customised briefings for you and your colleagues and you can participate in workshops, conferences and seminars to disseminate and share innovative new concepts, technologies and solutions.

If you want to understand how membership of ActiveAge can work for you, contact Gregor Rae at BusinessLab on +44 1224 64 38 23 or email him at

We look forward to hearing from you.