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Your organisation makes a difference to people's lives and we're on a mission to help you.

Better organised not-for-profit organisations are good for society and an ever-increasing number of leadership teams use our software to run their organisations. From a single sign-in, you'll have access to key data, project management, meetings and planning tools, all designed to help you achieve better outcomes, all in the cloud and accessible from anywhere.


connect your strategy to the projects that deliver it

Connecting strategy to action delivers successful outcomes and helps your organisation thrive and grow.


All your key performance indicators in one place

Hassle-free access to the numbers that show you, your team and your board that you're winning.


powerful and intuitive collaboration tools

Collaborate with your board and your team and focus on the things that matter.

Before Alertise, running Intelife felt like flying at night, in the clouds with no instruments. Within three weeks of implementing the platform, I had the information I needed to improve the organisation and within 2 months we were transforming it.

A strategic plan can fail without associated actions and easy access to KPI's. Tools such as Excel are OK but ultimately clunky. Alertise is a centralised repository where everything we need to roll out and monitor our strategy is in one place and accessible from anywhere, by everybody including our board.

Before we had Alertise, implementing our strategic plan and monitoring our organisational performance against the plan was cumbersome. Now, with this unifying cloud-based platform reporting that used to take days or weeks, now takes minutes.

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